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Choice of Car VS. Cost to Insure

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When buying a car do you consider the cost to insure it? Many of the factors used to determine your insurance rate are within your control. For example, does the car you have chosen have theft protection devices? Presence of these devices often results in discounts. Common sense, right? But, did you know that four door cars are statistically less likely than two door cars to have a theft related claim? When you need to make the right decision, the right insurance agency, CT is what you need.

Cost of Auto Insurance CT

If you are in the process of choosing a new or used car you may want to consider the latest statistics for theft before making your final decision. Sticker price is a one time cost but insurance for your vehicle is an ongoing expense. For more information on the most common vehicles stolen visit the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) at If your 1995 Honda Accord is constantly at the top of the list of most stolen vehicles in CT, Doesn’t it make sense that it would be more expensive to insure? Get a Free Auto Insurance Quote CT

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