Insurance Clients
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Liability Insurance Quote offers common insurance, also called commercial common insurance, which protects your company from third celebration states for bodily injury, associated medical expenditures and damage to someone else’s property.

You should consider common insurance if you or your employees:

  •     check out a customer’s work place, or clients check out yours.
  •     have access to a customer’s equipment. (i.e., a customer’s server).
  •     write or speak about a customer’s company.
  •     use third-party locations for any company related activities.
  •     are required to have common insurance before entering into a contract.

For example, while visiting a customer’s premises, the client trips over your briefcase and gets injured – your company may be liable. Your fault or not, our common policy will protect your company against covered states by paying defense expenditures and any damages up to your policy limit.