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Condominium Insurance, CT

Condo owners in Connecticut, New Haven, Wallingford, Hamden  and surrounding cities have different insurance needs from renters or homeowners. Residence associations have plans, but these policies only cover the building, the common areas of the home, and obligation for the organization. For this reason, condo owners need an plan that protects the interior of their unit and their personal property from losses. Below you will find everything you need to know before you purchase condo insurance.
Condo Connection Insurance Policy

To understand what a flat owner’s plan covers, you first need to understand what the apartment organization plan covers. Your condo organization should carry an plan that provides obligation protection for accidents and injuries that occur in the common areas, protection for the exterior of the building or buildings, and protection for the general condo property. The plan of the organization does not cover the contents of the house, property damage that occurs at house, or obligation claims if someone is injured at house.
Condo Insurance Coverage Basics

Your condo insurance will protect the contents and interior structure of the house. The plan will also provide obligation in the event that someone is injured at house. Commonly, insurers remove flood and earthquake protection from a standard condo plan. Your plan may also remove personal injury to the homeowner and business use for a house. You should check with your insurer for the specifics of plan exclusions.